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Tiger Stripe Cream helps reduce and prevent stretch marks.

Safe to use while pregnant.

Weight loss can help speed up the process while using Tiger Stripe Cream

Customer Reviews

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Still No Stretch Marks

Really really works good! Excelente! Gracias!

Pregnant and happy

I gave birth to my first child 2 years ago and had no issues with stretch marks. So with this pregnancy I didn't take any precautions then boom I had them! I didn't even know until I took a picture with high flash at 7 months and I was devastated. I immediately start doing research and I found Tiger stripe. So I decided to give it a try since I read some of the reviews here. I'm so happy I went with this product, they aren't gone completely yet but they are so much lighter and I have a 7 weeks to go until I have my baby. I'm pretty confident that they will be almost nonexistent by then. The pictures are 3 weeks apart with me using it twice a day.


Smells good, like cherries or something. I put it on after showering and before bed. Got gastro bypass surgery and very scared that my stretch marks will look horrible but I’ve heard a lot of good things about this cream and it looks like it’s working so far but I’ve only used this for less then 1mo

Growing and Glowing

My mama warned me about stretch marks after the 4th month of pregnancy but I didn’t list. After 27 weeks into my pregnancy I noticed a couple of stretch marks starting to form. I found this cream on IG and ordered right away, it came within 3 days and I been using it for about 4 weeks now. I only have a few more weeks until my son is born and so far NO stretch marks and the few that I thought was coming in is gone!!! Plus I got super sensitive skin and this didn’t cause any bad reaction. Every mommy 2 be should use!

Really Works

This sh*t really works, you cant barely see the stretch marks no more! Good thing they ship fast because I need to order me another 1 hahaha