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Mr Body Snatcher's SweatBand with Leg Shapers is a durable, long-lasting sweatband that helps reduce water retention and speeds up weight loss in the midsection and thighs.

What makes this the #1 SweatBand? It was designed to cover the WHOLE torso and a big portion of your thighs, to avoid rolling, and slipping. Other companies poorly design their sweatbands, and they do not cover the entire stomach causing an increased amount of uncomfortable rolling.

For best results use with Sexy Sweat Cream.

Customer Reviews

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Oh lordttt! I be sweatin up a storm no matter what!!! This really be working me I can see my waistline goin in after bout 3 weeks of usin it. Glad I bought it. And my a** be lookin fine af 🤫😂😂

Perfect For Anywhere

I was hesitant to get the one with the leg things by I thinks is perfect. When I workout at home I use the leg straps but when I do cardio at the gym, or walk my dogs I take the leg straps off and tuck them in. It’s more discreet that way! I absolutely love everything inside this package, the sweatband is my fav 🥵😍😍

Like a sauna

I am losing weight for vacation, and wanted to add something to my workout routines to give it that boost. When I say that the "sauna" effect is real, please listen. When this comes off, I am dripping in more sweat than normal, and I can feel the shrinking effect. I add some skin tightening cream/ hot gel and it is the perfect combination.

Comes in multiple pieces

I love it once it’s put together. But it took me a few minutes to adjust my leg shapers perfectly how I want it. I wish it all came as 1 piece I understand that everyone’s body is different and that it makes it better for everyone to be able to use it. It makes me sweat a lot, to the point where it looked like I peed myself! 😂😂😂💦💦 But ya gotta do what ya gotta do to get your body right

Very comfortable, obsessed!!

I’m so in love, can’t even explain. This thing be making me so confident. I usually feel so insecure about my lower stomach when I’m in the gym because I have a little pouch but when I wear this, is like a sweatband and a waist trainer 2 in 1 combined. It holds me in SO GOOD. I had purchased the black one but since they added the installment payment options now, I’ll definitely be getting the pink one as well.