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Mr Body Snatcher's SweatBand is a durable, long-lasting sweatband that helps reduce water retention and speeds up weight loss in the midsection.

What makes this the #1 SweatBand? It was designed to cover the WHOLE torso, to avoid rolling, and slipping. Other companies poorly design their sweatbands, and they do not cover the entire stomach causing an increased amount of uncomfortable rolling.

For best results use with Sexy Sweat Cream.

Customer Reviews

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5’4’, 280lbs, 51 inch waist purchased XL-4XL

I’m in love with this thing. I literally wear it EVERYWHERE I go I swear lmaoo. I advise you to measure your waist, everyone is shaped differently. Don’t hesitate to buy this belt!!!! Comfortable material, adjustable fit to size and it’s machine washable (air dry only). It covered all my large tummy.

Kinesha mckay
Sturdy and Sexy

At first I was hesitant about spending the money on a sweatband, but it was definitely worth it.

I bought a sweatband from WalMart years ago, and it made me shaped like SpongeBob and it tore after the second use

But this sweatband has an extra band that brings in my waist line so you can see my shape and I’ve been using it everyday for 5 weeks now and there hasn’t been 1 tear. And on top of that it covers my entire torso!!! I absolutely love it!!!

Works while cleaning

I’m 5’2” weighing 169 with short torso. 38 waist and it fits me! So happy I got it, I wore it for the first time just while cleaning the house for 2 hours and when I took it off, I was dripping sweat like no other! I can’t wait to wear it while doing my workouts.

I did notice that I had I had it on too loose at first and I didn’t sweat as much, but once it was tighter I started to sweat a lot. I’m very happy with my purchase... I didn’t have any issues with it rolling at all, and I did a lot of bending over and moving around while cleaning.

By far the best

This is by far the best waist trimming belt I've ever owned. I dont usually review most items I buy. However I relied on reviews to help me make the decision on which one to buy. I ultimately chose this belt. It's a little longer which helps getting a good wrap around the waist. Its wide enough to hit the top of my hips and about an inch under my breasts. Most importantly it doesn't slide out of place or roll up or down. Overall I'd recommend this and will repurchase again in the future!

Great product

Got mine for when I do my cardio but it’s so comfortable I’m able to wear it during yoga, and my aerobics classes too. Everyone is jealous! Lol, they keep asking me where I got it!

I got in the habit of tugging on the other brands I brought to keep them from riding up. Not this belt, it is wide enough to cover and wraps around so easily.