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Booty Meat Cream increases blood flow to the booty area when applied as recommended. The increased blood flow gives the booty a more plumped, and fuller appearance.

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I use this before bed and during my morning workout. 30 minutes of treadmill. 15 squats. This is the change after 3 months of using it and sticking to my routine

10 Days In

Great product leaves skin baby soft an smooth. Did see a little transformation in lifting. Will definitely finish the product to see end results


This package got me and my mans over lmfao

Look at the pics they put… spongebob havin butt to a juicy peach butt. I’ll take that tho

My boyfriend bought it tryna be funny but it actually do work good. You can feel the difference. I love it 😍

The fullness I've gained

I am a first time buyer and I have to agree with the other reviews. This cream is magic, smells so good and yes it made my butt firm and added more lift. Not to mention how soft my butt feels after each use. I highly recommend this to all!

I also started using the sweatband with the leg shapers, and went hard at the gym! It's the combination of using them all! I lost a total of 20lbs in 1 month!

Order it now!!! Works wonders!!

I started using this product because I wanted to start to gain weight! It's always been hard for me to, so I combined this with my weight gain diet and it worked wonders! I been working out and using it in the morning before my work out, late afternoon and before I go to sleep. This products works!!! I will be ordering 2 more for my sisters. If you want faster results, WORKOUT as you use it. My butt is more fuller and plumped I love it. 10 more pounds to go and another bottle and ima be super thick!!