BooBoo Juice Tea with 3 Day Challenge


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BooBoo Juice Tea is an all natural detox tea that flushes toxins out, helps you lose weight and reduces bloating.

Drink a minimum of 1 gallon of water per day when using it to help ease and avoid cramping. 

The 3 Day Detox Fat Loss Challenge is an extreme full body cleanse that will jump start your fat loss process, and may help you lose anywhere from 10-15lbs by completing the challenge.


BooBoo Juice Tea: Senna Leaf, Green Tea, Lotus Leaf, Hawthorn Fruit, Cassia Seed, Honeysuckle, Honey (Flavor)

Customer Reviews

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Amber Rankin
I love ittttt!!

The best feeling ever ! It definitely works !!


Listen, I drank this tea around 4:40ish(pm) and it is 12:12am. I’m writing this from the toilet, this tea is the truth. I just started cramping up, sharp pains but nothing I can’t handle. Plus, I wore my waist/leg shapers with the sexy cream combo. Cant wait to see my results

Brittiny Michelle
Game Changer

The Boo Boo juice does just that. I had an event that I wanted to attend and needed to lose my bloating weight. Ordering this juice was spot on what I needed. From the 3 Day Challenge to the regular detox it was a smooth transition. Each day my bloating decreased. So much so friends and family wanted to join in on the action. The 3 Day challenge was a beast! However, having Me. Body Snatcher (or someone on the team) there to text if I needed encouragement, aid with tracking my progress, or vent about the struggle is what helped me complete the challenge. I started in April and have not looked back. I recommend the Juice and Challenge to everyone wanting to reduce the mid section or facial bloating.


Whoever came up with this Challenge idea is a genius lol
I lost 7lbs in just 2 days let’s see how much I loss on my 3rd day. I’m super excited lol
I honestly might go a few days longer 🤷🏽‍♀️

OMG Amazing

This tea saved my life lol
I had to attend a very important and personal event. Also, I got proposed to lol
Anyways! I wanted to lose 27lbs before the event so I hurried up and bought this tea. When I say This tea works, ladies it work lol. So I lose 32lbs in just 2 months. Yes I know some people will say oh it’s not healthy to lose that much weight that fast but hey it was to me so 🤷🏽‍♀️
I felt great after all the weight loss
And yes of course I was eating healthy and I was exercising 5 times a week.
I will definitely be buying some more as soon as they back on stock!