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BooBoo Juice Tea is an all natural detox tea that flushes your system and helps remove toxins from your body.

It also speeds up your metabolism, helps you lose weight and reduces bloating.

To maximize results drink a minimum of 1 gallon of water per day when using it to help ease and avoid cramping.

Customer Reviews

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It works

This is the best tea to get all that junk out of your body. Heads up! If is your first time taking this tea, take it easy! I will suggest to drink it on the weekend when you have nothing to do so you see how your body will react. The first time I took it, it was a Saturday night, I took my tea and went to sleep. By 7AM I was going back and forth to the Restroom and that lasted 5 hours but it was normal and no crazy pain or anything like that. However I had other occasions before the bowel movement I get pain in my stomach so I suggest to just drink A LOT of water and try to go to the restroom as soon to avoid the stomach pain.

Stomach on flat flat

I honestly have tried several other weight loss teas but this one? This was the real deal for sure!!! I loved it! I’ve lost 13 pounds in just 3 days haha but make sure you are by a bathroom. I go first thing in the am and through out the day. My stomach went from bloating looking prego to flat flat! Don’t think it twice just get this tea and thank me later lol😊

More Than Just Weight Loss

This tea is the real deal! I used it 2 times so far, I was so bloated but I feel so much better already. You will definitely notice the difference in your weight in a very fast short of time as well

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Don’t forget your water

If you don’t drink water, and you drink the tea it will be very painful!!! Be sure to drink ALL your water like they says

Iife saver

I bought this tea because I was have super bad stomach pain, I Figured it was from constipation. But when I took the tea I started seeing these white things in my stool. I took a sample to my doctor. Go to find out they were stones from my gallbladder! I ended up passing about 15-20 gallstones, and when they ran tests I had none left in me! My stomach pain is gone!!! I will definitely be taking this tea regularly to help with my pain overall.